My name is Ella Dickinson and I live in historic Petersburg, VA in a home with a most lovely porch.  This is my favorite spot to entertain my friends and family.  I’m originally from England, have two teenage boys, work for a Financial Advisor part-time and also do catering with a friend. I founded and ran a British-style pub for just over 12 years before selling it in 2013.  My two favorite things to do are traveling and entertaining!  When traveling, I love to experience a place through its food and by wandering the streets or pathways with my camera, soaking up the sights, smells and sounds of wherever I am.  I am fortunate enough to have traveled to over 25 countries. When entertaining, I love simple, delicious food that is presented well. It’s art to me.

The past three years have been quite complex and transformative for me, but ultimately my senses have been reawakened, my appreciation for life’s simple pleasures has come back in a significant way and my creativity has returned.  It has been a time of incredible personal growth.  Since starting this blog in 2016, I added Breast Cancer to my journey when I was diagnosed on June 6th, 2017.  I have written about my experiences and hope by doing so, I will help raise awareness and understanding.  Fortunately, my prognosis is excellent.

Whilst this might be classified as a “lifestyle” blog, I must add that I’m a disastrous housekeeper, not very organized and nowhere near the parent I want to be.  I am far from perfect but I’m so very grateful for my crazy life, warts and all! image