Laissez les bons temps rouler…



It’s time to distract ourselves with food and good times again!  Within days of attending the lovely Bucket Trade Wine Dinner, I gathered with some of my ladies night crew to indulge in a major way at DJ’s Rajun Cajun’s second Wine Dinner in their Garden District banquet room.  A Cajun-style restaurant…New Orleans…naturally makes you think of Mardi Gras, right?  Fat Tuesday is all about over indulgence and so it would have been fitting if this had been held on that day, because wow, did we ever indulge.

My friend and fellow Peru adventurer, DJ,  opened up his much anticipated new restaurant, DJ’s Rajun Cajun last year.  Another great addition to Old Towne.  It has a fabulous patio which is a perfect spot in warmer weather to enjoy a Hurricane cocktail or two.  For this dinner, however, we assembled in the lovely Garden District Banquet room, painted a rich and vibrant teal green and decorated with opulent gilded decorative pieces.  The tables were decorated beautifully which made for grand welcome to what was to be a crazy over the top culinary journey!


Tonight was all about bubbles and while waiting for all the guests to assemble, we were poured a glass of Chloe Prosecco, a lovely start.  We perused the menu for the evening and immediately assumed that the list was all about our choices.  We were soon informed that, no, we were to have it all!   And yes, we did.  A veritable feast washed down with 5 different sparklers….

First course:  a Smoked Tomato Bisque along with a Winter Salad composed of field greens tossed in a honey walnut vinaigrette and topped with baked pears and a goat cheese crisp paired with Opera Prima, Brut from Spain. A delicious and most generous start!


Second course:  We crossed over the Atlantic back to the States to sip on a delicious glass of Mumm Napa, Brut Prestige from California to accompany another generous course of not only Pork Belly Bruschetta but also Deviled Duck Eggs!  The bruschetta included a classic base of a baguette crouton then a layer of mascarpone followed by bourbon apples, caramelized onions and smoked Pork belly.  Decadent indeed!!  And we were only halfway through….


And then came the main course….an extravaganza!  When was the last time you had quail, lamb chops, bouillabaisse, grilled polenta and roasted root veggies on the same plate?   Well, the decadence continued…  Not only did we enjoy a Fried Half Quail with Cranberry Dijon, but also Frenched Lamb Chops with a Jalapeño Mint Pepper Jelly AND a Bouillabaise with Shrimp, Mussels and Crawfish.  But wait….it was paired with the real deal, a glass of Taittinger Champagne Cuvée Prestige Blanc.  Worth the price of admission alone.


Did we need dessert at this point?  Of course not, but we were on a roll…. Funnily enough I’ve never been a fan of Castello Banfi, Rosa Regale but it was a perfect match with the wild berries that had been soaked in it, atop pound cake with whipped cream.   And in keeping with the theme of indulgence, we enjoyed a second dessert of candied figs with mascarpone cream, toasted pistachios, drizzled with a honey whiskey reduction.  I think at this point we were all eating just fractions of the servings and drifting into a sparkling food coma…there are worse things that can happen to you.


DJ and Lance were in attendance for this grand feast, clearly enjoying it all as much as their guests.  You have to love seeing people live out their dreams and DJ was far braver than I could ever have been by opening a second restaurant in Old Towne, his first being the very popular Wabi Sabi.  It was most fitting when he asked the kitchen crew led by Chef Eric, to come out to much applause from all of us in attendance.  It was quite a feat to prepare such a variety of food in such an opulent way and much appreciated.  Did I mention the whole thing was only 50 bucks a person?!  What a night!

On a personal note, you get to know people really well when traveling together and not only were DJ and Lance two of the easiest and most delightful people to travel with when we were in Peru, but their relationship is truly magical to witness.  This wine dinner was tame compared to their wedding, an over the top fantastic New Orleans style celebration that closed the streets in Old Towne two years ago.  Underlying the extravagance of both these occasions however, are two hearts of gold, living their lives with much generosity, kindness, good humor, really hard work, commitment to their community and of course, to having a whole load of fun.  Let’s raise yet another glass of bubbly to all of that!


Bucket Trade Wine Dinner

When asked by friends if I wanted to join them for a four course wine dinner a week ago on a Saturday night, I didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation.  Firstly, I had been mostly bed ridden for almost the entire week with strep and I was finally feeling human again.  Secondly, it was priced at just $25 and probably the best kept secret in town!

The Bucket Trade is a relatively new and fabulous addition to Old Towne Petersburg.  A great space with an impressive selection of not only beer and wine to buy, but also on self serve taps.  So much fun!  You can try it all out without having to commit to a whole glass or bottle.  Owners James and Aimee Hartle have also partnered with Chef Xavier Meers to produce snacks and regular food tastings including a monthly wine tasting dinner.  There are also regular beer and wine tastings and everyone involved is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  I love this addition to Old Towne!

We began the dinner with a delicious white, a 2015 Madai Godello from Northwestern Spain, paired with a smoked trout mousse on a crouton.  A delightful pairing!  They stayed with the same wine for the second course which was interesting, and it totally worked.  A salad of endive, apple, walnut and blue cheese paired with it perfectly and was a refreshingly crisp prelude to the main course…


Main course?  A lovely venison stew with mash.  Pure comfort with a slight surprise of using pickled pearl onions, an interesting addition (to me) that worked.  It was paired with a 2012 Quinta de la Rosa, a lovely rich, full, big, bold and velvety red from Portugal.


Dinner was rounded out with a fantastic homemade berry ice-cream with a hardened chocolate glaze accompanied by a subtly sparkling sweet Italian red, a Malvasia du Casorzo Dolce.  A delicious end to a most delightful dinner.



As wine dinners go, this one was really lovely.  Very casual and unpretentious, thoughtful, oh so reasonably priced and quite honestly the perfect portions.  We did not leave unpleasantly stuffed nor did we leave hungry.  A happy medium. As we felt so good and it was only 9pm, Kerry invited us all back to her place.  So we stocked up on libations and headed to her house and carried on with the festivities.  The additional wine required more snacks and happily Bart produced Saucy’s newest addition….fried pork rinds!  Coated with their BBQ rub…..SO good.  Kerry gets the blame for any hangovers.



Snow Day!


There’s little more lovely than waking up to discover that your small part of the world has turned into a winter wonderland.  Especially if it’s a Saturday and there is no obligation to be anywhere.  What can result is a blissfully peaceful day of travel and culinary adventure right in your own back yard.  After indulging in a lovely lie in and a nice cup of tea, the boys and I enjoyed French Toast and Maple Syrup for brunch, made with baguette, our favorite kind…

After texting around the usual suspects, plans were made for sledding at 3 followed by Mulled Wine, Beef in Beer Stew and more wine of various kinds.  As we hadn’t played charades at Christmas, that became part of the agenda too.  Old Towne looked quite lovely all covered in snow and the sledders had a blast while the spectators almost froze to death…

After about half an hour of fun, it was time to go back for some mulled wine by the fire.  So, just in case anyone thinks this blog depicts some sort of perfect life, it really doesn’t…. things really do go wrong quite frequently.  Making mulled wine on this day is my case in point.  Silvia’s mother, who lives in Germany, recently went to her local Christmas market and mailed Silvia some mulled wine spices and dried fruits.  We poured a couple of bottles of red wine in a saucepan to simmer with the mixture and soon the house began to fill with the lovely aroma….


“So Cherry, where’s your sieve?” we ask when it seemed like it was ready.  “I don’t actually have one” says Cherry.  So we began with a coffee filter in each glass which proved to be a messy disaster and then ended up lining a strainer with coffee filters and pouring it through that into a mixing bowl.  This then required us to put the bowl of wine into the sink and use a ladle to put the wine in glasses.  A LOT of work for 6 glasses of wine that should have yielded at least 8 but it was delicious and a highly entertaining process!  We snacked on cheese with it and slowly began to thaw and relax.  We then had two different types of beef in beer to eat along with mashed potatoes so our evening was pure comfort.

After food, we played charades by the fire.  The 3 boys teamed with Lucas against us “girls”.  A great way to end our snowy day of adventure.


Looking after Ling Chao


If you’ve never experienced being woken up by a 50lb dog that is standing directly on on top of you, one paw on your breast and one on your throat, then spare yourself!  This is what happens when you score the biggest bed and the dog’s owners are away and said dog tries to get your attention in the middle of the night!!  Ouch!!

The whole premise of our visit to NYC was to dog sit for our friends Marc and Keju while they went to visit their new home in Seattle for the New Year’s weekend.  Their fabulous apartment in the Financial District in Manhattan is on the market but hasn’t sold yet.  Lucky us!  Marc was already on the west coast but Keju was of course with us the first night.  Ling Chao, their Chow, is quite the character!  Our duties were to walk her, feed her and of course, love her.

She’s one of those dogs that commands attention wherever she goes and also knows exactly where she wants to go. She’s gorgeous to look at so is much admired and she’s pretty stubborn!  The doormen all greet her by name and keep treats for her and the many other dogs that live in the building that houses 400 apartments.

The apartment building is a classic Art Deco structure designed by the same architectural team as the Empire State Building.  Marc, Keju and Ling Chao are fortunate to live on the 14th floor which has the largest terraces.  I thought my porch was big!  They have 1400 sq feet of terrace and thanks to Marc’s expertise in landscape design, it is absolutely stunning.  We so enjoyed staying in this beautiful place that is so tastefully decorated, comfortable and full of great artwork, including many pieces by Marc’s late uncle.  A real treat.

Ling Chao missed us during the day when we went out but there’s no denying that every time we came back you knew she was secretly hoping it was Marc and Keju.  She put up with us though and enjoyed being lavished with attention despite the fact that we aren’t her first loves.

One of her favorite walks, last thing at night, is down the street where the back door of a Burger King provides endless entertainment because that’s where the trash comes out of and is put on the sidewalk overnight.  By entertainment, I mean rats.  I did the late night walk twice.  The first time, there were only 2 or 3 darting around the trash.  But last night we rounded the corner and as there were no other people around, there were at least a dozen to “entertain” us.  Ling Chao just suddenly sat and watched them all, refusing to move.  I was happy not to as well.  When a couple finally walked up towards us, I felt like we had a decent human/dog to rat ratio and we quickly traversed the area as the rats scattered into grates and onto car wheels.  City life!  There must be millions of them but at least Ling Chao was happy to see them!

Could we have possibly had more fun dog sitting in New York?   I think not!  Robin, Kerry and I are home now, while Cherry continues with this job for a couple more days.  We caught trains home today, without a doubt the best way to travel to and from New York.  Kerry kindly made us Eataly/Le District sandwich combos for the journey.  Even the train ride was an adventure, hats off to the Amtrak employees for dealing with a train at full capacity and assigning seats to each and every passenger on the spot with just the right combination of authority and humor.  And to the young soldier who sat across from us:  a girl that sends you back to your Base in North Carolina with a six page neatly handwritten letter adorned with hearts, particularly in this day and age, is a keeper.

We packed an awful lot into these last few days.  We ate extraordinarily well, walked a lot, avoided all the super touristy stuff, enjoyed each other’s company and absorbed the magnificent energy and culture of this city and the many many offerings it has.  Many thanks to Marc and Keju for the opportunity.   Can’t wait to go back again!  Now it’s time to plan some more adventures….

2017 begins…

Just when I thought our time couldn’t get better here, I discovered that there is a French answer to Eataly close by called Le District.  Oh happy, happy day…and New Year!

After staying up so late last night, I slept in and then enjoyed a really lazy morning.  We all did.  Robin traditionally likes to take a hike on New Year’s Day and there was a consensus that walking the Brooklyn Bridge would be a great choice.  Unfortunately, my decision to wear the same pair of boots to pound the pavements for the last few days had given me a lot of heel pain so I opted out and offered to secure a suitable destination for lunch.  The others left for their hike and I did a little searching and came across an online description of Le District, described as a French version of Eataly…..whaaattt??!  Eataly is great, but my first love will ALWAYS be French food.    This place was just a couple of blocks down from Eataly so I couldn’t shower and get ready fast enough. While pursuing my degree in French many moons ago, I had the fortune to spend my third year of University in Paris, teaching English to Lycee students.  As a child, we took many camping holidays to France too.  I’m a huge fan of French Bistro-style food.

While I was heading out to find Le District, Kerry, Cherry and Robin walked the Brooklyn Bridge and shared these photos with me.  They really enjoyed it despite the crowds doing the same thing.

They also stopped to watch these dancers on the way to meet me.

In the meantime, I strolled through downtown on a lovely sunny and slightly warmer day, passing the 9/11 Memorial and heading for the Battery at the end of Liberty Street.  The moment I entered Le District, I knew I had found my place.  I did a complete tour,  salivating at all on offer and clicking away with my camera. It is a market and a restaurant, with the dining happening in the middle and therefore the center of the action.

Le Bar a Vin was undoubtedly going to be our lunchtime venue today.    I secured a spot for the four of us at the double sided bar seating, a brilliant way to fit more people in and allow for larger parties to be able to properly converse.  This configuration flanked  the bar at either end, which was incidentally also  double sided itself in the other direction.  I ordered a Bellini while waiting for the others and perused the classic French Bistro Menu.  Steak Frites with Salad and Bearnaise was a no-brainer for me.  When the others arrived they too ordered a cocktail.  Kerry was less than thrilled with hers but persevered, saying she needed to give it a chance.  Such a craft cocktail trooper!

Having hiked the Bridge and the fact that it was 3:30 already and we were all starving, we started off sharing  Smoked Salmon with Quail eggs, radish and capers atop Boursin cheese and toasted wheat bread.  It was so very, very good and a perfect appetizer to go with our cocktails.  We were all ready for steak so ordered 4 of the Steak Frites, medium rare with Bearnaise Sauce.  By the time they arrived, Happy Hour had started so we ordered a round of $5 glasses of house red.  Perfect!  It was great eating in the middle of so much going on.  The food was fantastic and the market was pretty dark with low ceilings so really quite cosy too.

When we were done indulging ourselves, the sun was setting and so we headed out onto the Battery.  We walked out far enough so as to see the Statue of Liberty.  It was a stunning sight.

When we made our way back home with fresh baguettes in hand for snacks later, we had to pass by the 9/11 Memorial.  This time the fountains were on and the pools were lit up.  A really beautiful scene.  There’s something very peaceful but also quite painful  about the sound of the water cascading down into the pool and then disappearing into the dark center square.  No doubt designed for us to feel that way.  It was really moving to see it at night. It also felt like a good reminder at the beginning of a New Year to always have gratitude for what we have.

We returned to the apartment tired after another wonderful day and poured Vodka and Tonics and eventually enjoyed the leftovers from Eataly accompanied by baguette from my new favorite place, Le District.  Life is good and the new year is off to a great start.

Ending the year on just the right note

We had 3 objectives for this last day of 2016:  Oysters for lunch (again), seeing The Great Comet at the Imperial Theater, and going to Eataly to pick up a variety of delicious bites to enjoy at “home” for New Year’s Eve.  Mission accomplished.

We finally gave up our cab habit and took the Metro to 28th Street and headed to the John Dory Oyster Bar by the Ace Hotel.  A really great classic but funky bar/restaurant with all bar or high-top style seating.  You know they are serious when the oyster bar is the same size as the actual bar.  We were the second party to be seated for what I’m sure will be a long day and night.  Happy hour prices were available for a number of items including: their Cocktail of the Day, a Honeysuckle Daquiri which is made of rum, honey and lime, Prosecco by the glass and Oysters for $2 a piece, a bargain in NYC.  Kerry, our craft cocktail fan, naturally chose the daiquiri, as did Cherry.  Robin and I went for prosecco and we all shared 2 dozen divine oysters served with a jalapeño cilantro mignonette and horseradish mixed with a lemon olive oil.  A delightful twist on the classic condiments.  We then split Haddock fritters with Curried Mayo, Sea Bass Ceviche, Char Pate sliders, Kedgeree and Chorizo stuffed Squid served with white beans accompanied by a New York State Gruner which was a lovely complement to our dishes.  Another great lunch!  Cherry channeled my grandmother and declared that she would pay….just what Apple always did when she particularly enjoyed lunch with family and friends.  Always a nice gesture and much appreciated.


As it was a sunny day and we knew that traffic anywhere near Times Square would be totally nuts, we opted to walk the 17 blocks to the Imperial Theater.  All was well until we hit 42nd and came across multiple barriers and dozens of police officers.  Thinking we had given ourselves plenty of time, we panicked a little when they diverted us to 8th Street.  All the way, all four of were silently feeling completely relieved that we weren’t going to see the New Year in out on these streets.  It was only 1:45 and it was already packed!  Our theater tickets gained us access to 45th Street and we were happily in our seats in time for the show.

We had a few minutes to simply gasp at the stage set-up, seating and set design.  Red velvet curtains adorned the walls with period pictures hanging from them.  There is no conventional stage, instead a series of walkways, stairs and a sunken pit in the area where traditionally an orchestra would be.  Instead, it was much smaller and contained a piano, Pierre’s office and a couple of stools for other musicians and occasional actors.  There is no real distinction between the audience, the musicians and the actors and performers, which made it one of the most fantastic productions any of us had ever seen.

Why pick this musical?  Well, mostly because it has a Petersburg connection.  The choreographer, Sam Pinkleton, grew up in Hopewell and then attended the Appomattox Regional Governor’s School (ARGS) for High School, with a concentration in theater.  His mother, Kimberly Ann Calos, is a well known business woman and community activist in Petersburg and for a while, I worked for her.  My own son, Rory, just started at ARGS this year in the Literary Arts program.  Kim recently attended the Opening Night and when we found out we were coming up here this week, it seemed perfectly obvious that we must see the production!  And are we glad we did.  It’s a real source of pride that we got to witness firsthand the mesmerizing results of a local boy’s talents.

I am no theater expert despite enjoying attending shows and plays.  However, it doesn’t take an expert to know when something is as good as this show is. It is truly an ensemble piece in every sense, with the set design, lighting, music, choreography, and of course the amazing performers all playing equal parts to make a mind blowing whole experience.  The show is based on just a few pages of War and Peace but never seeks to deeply delve into history, instead just exploring the relationships between several characters.  It’s funny, shocking, vibrant, colorful, sexy, edgy, poignant, sad and beautiful all at the same time.  Oh, did I mention that Josh Groban is in it?  He’s amazing and what a treat to hear his voice in the same room.  Oh, and the performers dance around the entire theater, meaning that even the back upper rows on the Mezzanine feel a part of the extravaganza.  When the first act was over and the lights came up signaling the intermission, we all just looked at each other and said “wow”.  Robin was seated next to the Executive Producer of a TV show from LA and she had seen 8 shows in 4 days and declared this to be the best one.  When Robin confessed that it was her first Broadway show, she responded by saying that she had certainly chosen well.  The second act while less exuberant, was no less powerful. Beautiful singing with some very powerful solos and duets.  We simply didn’t want it to end.  Bravo and Encore!

Leaving the theater was a challenge, but thankfully we were heading in the opposite direction to all the Times Square revelers.  We fought through the crowds and found ourselves the right metro to Downtown.  We headed straight to Eataly knowing that if we dared stop home, we might not come out again.

Eataly, just like Chelsea Market, was just as heavenly as I had imagined.  It even has a wine bar.  We should probably have made dinner reservations at some fabulous restaurant this evening, however, we were all perfectly happy to buy some delicious hors d’oeuvres, nice wine and curl up on the sofas in our PJs.  Having worked in the restaurant business for the bulk of my adult life, I spent years in a row working on New Year’s Eve.  For many of them, it didn’t really feel like work as it was a lot of fun and it was great being at the place where people wanted to be on this big night and quite frankly a real honor.  Having said that, every year, I fantasized about spending New Year’s Eve in my pajamas on the sofa by the fire with a bottle of great champagne.  After selling the restaurant, I did just that…except I also extended an invitation to about 25 friends too, who also happily donned their PJs.

Back to Eataly….gorgeous breads, every cheese imaginable, fresh pastas, beautiful meats and fish, pastries galore….heaven on earth.  I loved it, of course.  We stocked up on Duck Rillettes, Irish Smoked Salmon, cheese, prosciutto, salami, mortadella, huge cooked shrimp and a variety of dainty sweet treats.

Back at the apartment we took took off our shoes, poured vodka and tonics and sat for a bit, just relaxing.  I then put together our mini banquet and we happily and heartily indulged ourselves.  Everything was terrific.  We did start to wonder if we would make it until midnight after such a big day, but we rallied and managed, opening a bottle of nice Cava to start the proceedings and ultimately watch the ball drop on TV.  Funnily enough, Robin’s mom celebrates her birthday on New Year’s Eve and Kerry’s Mom on New Year’s Day so each called them on the right side of midnight.



Despite the late hour, I felt the need to finish this before sleeping and therefore to bring this year to an end.  I started 2016 alone, waking up in Quebec City after a fabulous few days spent there and in Montreal.  The trip was not only a springboard for moving on with my life in a great way but it also lit the spark for this blog which took me until October to start when I went to Peru.  As I reflect on this year, I feel really really fortunate. It’s been a year of true personal growth.  A lot of good stuff happened.  Some tough stuff happened too. To be ending this year in the great city of New York in a beautiful apartment with wonderful company is the icing on the cake.  I have started and ended the year wandering around a city with my camera, soaking up the atmosphere and culture and of course eating great food.  The very things I love best in life. Lucky me.  Cheers to an amazing 2017!


High life on the High Line

If I ever go missing and there is a need to send out a search party, then Chelsea Market would be a good place to start.  But more about that later….

After another laid back morning taking care of Ling Chao and sipping caffeinated beverages in the comfort of this lovely apartment, we took the short walk over to the 9/11 Memorial.  It was a freezing cold morning and our mood was instantly made somber at this most hallowed and sacred place.  You cannot help but be moved and we certainly were.  Kerry’s reaction was the most emotional as she couldn’t fight back tears the very moment we got there.  And they flowed non stop when we read the notice that the roses placed on names are put there by the 9/11 Foundation folks on the birth dates of those who died.  It’s hard enough to even imagine what it was like on that day, but to have experienced it and lost someone, well…there are no words.

In need of some light relief after a very powerful and emotional visit, we headed around the corner to Century 21, a posh version of Marshalls that had we had unlimited time and means, we could have come away with a LOT of clothes.  An overwhelming store.

It was food time once again and I was on a mission.  I had read about The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market and the restaurant, Cull and Pistol attached to it. Our party are all lovers of oysters and seafood so we were excited to try it out.  We took a taxi there and found yet another interesting driver, originally from Algeria, who was quite the thinker and philosopher.  He gave us pause for thought when at one point he mused “You know, everything has a beginning, you have to start somewhere”.  Not a bad thought for the start of a New Year tomorrow.  We also discussed marriage, he was happily married to a fellow Algerian and said that he had learned to just let her take charge…we shared with him that between the 4 of us ladies, we had 5 marriages behind us so were impressed with his success.  We also discussed the influence and effect of Uber on the taxi system in NYC and he said it has been pretty devastating as we suspected.  Obviously it’s great for the consumer, but it’s great for the city coffers as they receive 10% tax on the fares.  Instead of allowing a comparable number of drivers to the number of taxi drivers, they allowed thousands more which has the affected the income of regular cab drivers in a profound way.  That was his take anyway…he thanked us for picking a cab, we tipped him handsomely which he appreciated and wished him the best for the new year.


Hunger had us walking quickly through the throngs of people in the Market.  I knew I had found just my kind of place.  Multiple gourmet food stores AND Anthropologie under one roof??!  Be still my heart.  When we reached Cull and Pistol we were a bit nervous as there were so many people.  However when the hostess came outside to get our name, she said it would only be a few minutes.  Somehow, magically, a super cozy end booth magically became available and so our $380 lunch began…. we had a fantastic server, a young guy who knew how to deal with us perfectly.   Before long we were sipping delicious Sauvignon Blanc, eating an array of heavenly oysters and sharing a bowl of sublime clam chowder.  After this, we all opted for Lobster Rolls and fries, 3 of us having them warm, Connecticut style, and Cherry opting for the classic Maine Roll.  Naturally, we needed more wine and we savored every sip and morsel of this magical feast.  Definitely a top ten lunch of my lifetime. (Please note that the average lunch doesn’t have to cost that much here…we had great wine and an abundance of food)

The others waited for me outside while I headed to the restroom, which seems like a completely unnecessary thing to mention except that there was a pair of what appeared to be lobsterman rubber boots in there used as a vase for some decorative reeds.  While the others were outside talking about it, the man who had been sitting at the next table to us, suddenly came up to them and said “the boots were my mother’s”.  Very cool.  They told him that they couldn’t believe that we had managed to score such a great table and he replied “Oh, we knew you were important people”.  Haha, very nice. He owns a great restaurant and the experience from start to finish couldn’t have been better.

We meandered through the market checking out all the gorgeous stores and Kerry and Robin scored some great tops with tree designs on them.  Stuffed from lunch, it was time to work some of it off by walking the High Line, a former elevated railway line that is now a walking path and garden of sorts that winds through Chelsea and up to the Garment District.  The sun was starting to set and once again there was a lovely glow illuminating the buildings.

We hopped in a taxi and headed back to the apartment to catch the dwindling light up on the rooftop garden.  In need of some food but not wanting to go out, I headed to the grocery store downstairs but found myself uninspired.  There was talk of Chinese take-out but then I spotted an Indian food truck out of the corner of my eye.  The smell wafted up the street and drew me towards it.  The laminated articles displayed on the side of it told a story of the owner starting as a busboy in Times Square, then working in a food truck then eventually starting his own and expanding to three, all in Downtown.  He was out of their signature Byriani dish however I was able to pick up some Chicken Tikka and a lamb dish along with delicious Kati wraps.  Great food for a freezing cold night and our cheapest meal so far at $24.  Another great day in this city where you can experience so many adventures in just one day.