Artists, Artisans and Burritos in Barranco

First day in Lima after a less than satisfying night of sleep but, hey, I woke up in Peru!  Daylight allowed us to truly appreciate the wonder of Second Home Peru which I will feature heavily in today’s post.  We are staying in the Inn which is also the home of Victor Delfin, the Artist.  His daughter, Lilian, gave us a tour of his gallery and studio which was an amazing experience and he was busily working away there while we toured.  Eighty-eight years old and still waking up every day and living his passion and dream.

Our group split up for the day after breakfast and the tour and our half headed to the Museo de Pedro Osama, a former family summer home that now houses an amazing collection of religious art with a fascinating history.  We also meandered through Barranco, stopped for lunch and shopped at Las Pallas….

Our day ended with drinks on the patio followed by dinner all together at Isolina, just 2 blocks away, upstairs by open terrace doors overlooking the busy street.  Starting off with our first round of Pisco Sours, we then enjoyed local delights such as the famous Juicy brain omelet, Stuffed Potato, incredible Ceviche, Beef kidneys, short ribs…amongst other things!  Quite the culinary adventure and a great end to our first full day.

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