Machu Picchu!

We got up at 4 so that we could get a head start in the line for the bus to Machu Picchu and apparently several hundred other people had the same idea!  Thankfully there are plenty of buses and after an ever so slightly scary winding ascent up the mountain, we arrived at the site.  I’m not going to write much as the pictures speak for themselves.  Lucas and Chris were the brave souls who climbed Waynapicchu (where you have to sign in and OUT).  For the rest of us, it was a short but fairly arduous climb to the Gate Keeper’s House but the reward was spectacular.  My mother has recently admitted almost bursting into tears (it’s been top of her bucket list forever).  Funnily enough, none of us had done massive historical research and when we got there, we spontaneously found a spot to sit, view and quietly contemplate.   It’s magical, mystical and perhaps even life-changing.  It’s a perfect combination of natural beauty and man made ingenuity.



And some one shots of us….

Heading back to the Sacred Valley on the Vistadome train after a breathtaking day at this most magical place…we were treated to dancing and a fashion show!


And the best picture of the day, taken by Derek…


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