Snow Day!


There’s little more lovely than waking up to discover that your small part of the world has turned into a winter wonderland.  Especially if it’s a Saturday and there is no obligation to be anywhere.  What can result is a blissfully peaceful day of travel and culinary adventure right in your own back yard.  After indulging in a lovely lie in and a nice cup of tea, the boys and I enjoyed French Toast and Maple Syrup for brunch, made with baguette, our favorite kind…

After texting around the usual suspects, plans were made for sledding at 3 followed by Mulled Wine, Beef in Beer Stew and more wine of various kinds.  As we hadn’t played charades at Christmas, that became part of the agenda too.  Old Towne looked quite lovely all covered in snow and the sledders had a blast while the spectators almost froze to death…

After about half an hour of fun, it was time to go back for some mulled wine by the fire.  So, just in case anyone thinks this blog depicts some sort of perfect life, it really doesn’t…. things really do go wrong quite frequently.  Making mulled wine on this day is my case in point.  Silvia’s mother, who lives in Germany, recently went to her local Christmas market and mailed Silvia some mulled wine spices and dried fruits.  We poured a couple of bottles of red wine in a saucepan to simmer with the mixture and soon the house began to fill with the lovely aroma….


“So Cherry, where’s your sieve?” we ask when it seemed like it was ready.  “I don’t actually have one” says Cherry.  So we began with a coffee filter in each glass which proved to be a messy disaster and then ended up lining a strainer with coffee filters and pouring it through that into a mixing bowl.  This then required us to put the bowl of wine into the sink and use a ladle to put the wine in glasses.  A LOT of work for 6 glasses of wine that should have yielded at least 8 but it was delicious and a highly entertaining process!  We snacked on cheese with it and slowly began to thaw and relax.  We then had two different types of beef in beer to eat along with mashed potatoes so our evening was pure comfort.

After food, we played charades by the fire.  The 3 boys teamed with Lucas against us “girls”.  A great way to end our snowy day of adventure.


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